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  • Tips to improve your home studio

    Mixing Desk

    With any music career, a lot of the music you make in the beginning may well be from the comfort of your own home, that being so as you might not have funds to use a studio.

  • 3 ways to improve your mobile app development company

    iPhone music

    The mobile app development industry is growing more and more profitable, popular, and important by the year. If your company is to compete and ultimately thrive within this burgeoning digital field, you’re going to need to find a way to overcome your closest rivals.

  • Your ultimate guide to brand exposure

    Advertising billboards

    Brand exposure is key for any business. By increasing your brand’s visibility, you can increase sales, create a more powerful reputation, and attract new customers. However, many businesses don’t know how to expose their brand properly.

  • Get some help promoting your music

    Music / busking

    Want to help get your music out there? Here are some ideas to get help to promote your music while you focus on the music itself.

  • 12 vlogging tips every music entrepreneur should know

    Video camera

    Whether you’re attempting to make money from your blog or sell things, vlogging allows you to have a direct relationship with your audience.