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  • DJ controller buying guide


    Finding the right DJ controller to fit your needs is a matter of knowing where you stand, in terms of technique and practice, and also what you need to be successful.

  • How to hack together Siri and Sonos to set the scene

    Apple Siri

    We’ve all seen it in the movies, where the automated house of the future can dim the lights and get the right music playing with just a simple voice command, but now that is possible thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), Apple’s Siri, Sonos speakers, and a Philips Hue lighting system.

  • Music you need to survive a holiday

    Beach volleyball

    When it comes to going on holiday, sometimes you need a little bit of music to help you survive, particularly when family members are irritating you, or some kids around the pool keep splashing your towel.

  • How the blockchain could help musicians make a living from music

    Photograph by Qrevolution

    Bitcoin, blockchain and automatic royalty payments could transform how musicians earn.

  • So Quiet It Can Cause Hallucinations?

    Orfield Labs' Silence Chamber

    We’ve all been in rehearsal rooms and recording studios where we wished the noise cancelling was just a little bit better, where all outside sounds are completely removed – even that police siren going past. But it appears that there is such a thing as a place being too quiet. Orfield Laboratories‘ “anechoic chamber” in […]