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  • How to hack your music experience

    Girl with headphones

    You listen to music all the time but are you really getting the most from your experience?

  • Why the internet killed the radio star


    Could radio be replaced?

  • Self-releasing music – the big pros and cons

    Vinyl record store

    If you have ever tried to make it in the music industry, you will already have a good idea of just how difficult it can be to find that all-important break.

  • What is virtualization?

    MacBook laptop

    When music creators think of virtualization they generally think of the software recreations of their favourite hardware synths and effects, generally created as VST plugins. However, in real “geek-speak” virtualization is something quite different and involves your laptop being a “client” and logging into a desktop or other service hosted on a server. Two very different concepts!

  • How to save money and fund your music 

    Piggy bank

    If you dream of making enough money to earn a living from your music, you’re not alone. There are millions of men, women, and children all around the world who live and breathe their passion, and who simply cannot imagine doing anything else with their days than making the world sing. But the sad reality is […]