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  • Amazing Radio Returns to DAB

    Amazing Radio returns to DAB

    Amazing Radio is set to return to DAB throughout London and the South East on May 13th

  • Twitter #Music Launches

    Twitter #Music App

    There has been a lot of hype surrounding Twitter’s Music app, developed after the social network acquired San Francisco-based music aggregator WeAreHunted last year. And the wait is finally over, with the app available now for iOS and on the web.

  • eJay Looking to Relaunch on Touchscreen Devices

    eJay Pure

    Many people now using tablets such as the iPad for making music, and often even just smartphones like the iPhone, and eJay are looking to relaunch their brand simple music creation tools on these touch devices through a Kickstarter campaign

  • How to Record a Piano

    The piano is the first instrument that many people learn, and whilst most will have learned at school it is a useful instrument to have at home to teach any budding musician the basics of reading sheet music or basic chord progressions. Keyboard are certainly useful to learn on, but for me there is nothing like the weight and feel of playing the real thing – so it might be worth checking to see if any pianos for sale in Los Angeles or wherever you may live.

  • Best Albums of 2012

    Frank Ocean - Channel Orange

    The year 2012 may be consigned to the past, but the music it served up most definitely isn’t. There were some excellent breakthrough artists and some stunning albums, so if you’re in the mood to sit back and chill out – iPod in hand, Beats by DRE perched on ears -here are some of last […]