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Free new and classical holiday music scores for teachers and students

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Every private music instructor faces the same predicament this time every year. It’s the holiday season, and everyone wants their young students to have music prepared for family gatherings during Thanksgiving and Christmas. The problem isn’t that the teacher is unable to teach holiday classics, or coach music students through difficult passages. The problem lies in how to equip every student with suitable music that they can learn in time for the holiday festivities.

When an online source is found that contains a wide range of free sheet music choices, it alleviates much of the stress of music teacher duties during the holidays. These sources compile hymns, carols, classic renditions, and popular favorites in scores that are easy to read and interpret. A collection of holiday tunes, in easily downloadable formats, is the answer to a music teacher’s prayers. This is true for teachers who specialize in piano, guitar, voice, and any other instrument where instruction is best proven by student performance.

Having a reliable source for free sheet music is invaluable. During the holiday season, teachers assign relevant pieces that are good to demonstrate skills and the value of music instruction. Often, trouble arises when the student doesn’t know what scores to study. With a free sheet music source, the music instructor is always provided with music options they can tailor to each student’s level and performance need.

Free sheet music sources take advantage of both modern arrangement availability, and the many advantages of public domain copies. Countless arrangers and composers offer arrangements of holiday carols and tunes to free sheet music catalogs like simply to gain exposure. It is classic compositions however, that create the richest source of available and teachable music.

Composers like Liszt and Brahms composed music specifically for a music student to show-off performance talents during the holidays. This music is freely accessible for all music teachers because this music has been in circulation for extremely long periods. Piano, voice, and other music teachers have free access to these composers’ music with a simple download. Instead of stocking-up on expensive scores, the everyday music teacher can simply print free sheet music copies, enrich a student’s repertoire, and satisfy a student family’s requirement for performance during special occasions.

Many holiday classical scores are preserved in their original format, so teachers and students will have the opportunity to explore scores together. The only way this can happen is with the availability of free music scores that satisfy student needs, and an instructor’s desire for every student to be exposed to great holiday music arrangements.

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