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Here’s why casinos usually play jazz music in the background

Casinos have been around for hundreds of years. During this time, they’ve undergone lots of changes – some big, some small. However, one thing that hasn’t really changed at all is the jazz music that gets played in most casinos.

Yep, that’s right: jazz music is still a huge part of modern-day casino culture. But why is this?

If you’re interested to learn more about the relationship between jazz music and casinos, read on.

‘Old Hollywood’ feel

Firstly, jazz music is played in the background in most casinos so that it can capture the ‘old Hollywood’ vibe that people love so much.

Back in the old days, jazz music was played across all major casinos – from Las Vegas to New York – where people would gather around the tables at weekends to relax and have a fun time. The men would be dressed in their smartest suits; whilst the women would be wearing their most expensive dresses (just check out any James Bond movie from the 60s and 70s and you’ll see). With the jazz music playing in the background, it created an atmosphere like nowhere else.

Even online casinos, such as, rely on background music to provide people with this feeling. Sure, technology is changing the casino industry, but the power of jazz music isn’t going to fade just yet.


Whilst playing any casino game – whether it’s roulette or blackjack – it’s important to feel relaxed and at ease. Jazz music is the best solution for this.

The more relaxed you are, the more confident you will be when gambling. Online casinos like Netent know this, which is why they continue to play jazz music in the background. You can learn more about Netent at


There are certain genres of music that make it impossible to concentrate. For example, even the biggest of rock fans will admit that rock music isn’t good for boosting concentration levels – particularly when you’re in a social setting.

Interestingly, jazz music is one of the only genres today that can aid concentration whilst playing casinos games. This is great for people who need a little extra helping hand when they’re at the tables or playing on the machines in a busy casino.

Are other types of music played in casinos?

Typically, only jazz music is played in casinos.

However, over recent years, new genres have started to emerge.

For instance, if you head down to Las Vegas for a weekend of gambling, you might notice that some of the casinos there play rap and pop music in the background. Often, you can hear this music from out on the street when you walk by.

When it comes to high class casinos, though, it’s very rare to hear any genre of music being played other than jazz music. Over the coming decades, this might change – but for now, jazz music remains on top.


If you ever go to a land-based casino or join an online one such as the ones from 겜블시티 and for sure you’ll definitely encounter some jazz music. Even if you’re not a huge fan of this genre, it will definitely help you to relax and enjoy the experience of gambling.

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