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  • Can I use music to support the NHS?

    Love music

    You may not remember the name Måns Zelmerlöw, but if you’ve watched the recent Eurovision catchup under lockdown, you can whistle his song, ‘Heroes’. ‘Heroes’ was the song that represented Sweden at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna and won the yearly contest. This year, Eurovision reached out to Måns for an acoustic take […]

  • How do you know you’re ready to launch a music business?


    Whether you’re not happy in your current job role or you just have such a strong urge to work on something, maybe now is the time for you to launch your own business?

  • How to improve your music talent & skills

    Musician playing guitar

    If you love to play and listen to music, then it’s likely it takes up a big part of your life currently. You can turn your passion into a career or long-term hobby by working hard at it. Be glad to know some tips will help you improve your music talent and skills over time. […]

  • Things you may or may not know about Sam Smith

    Sam Smith

    Born in London in May 1992, Sam Smith began singing at a young age.

  • How do music recognition apps work?

    Music recognition apps have been around since 1999, when Shazam began identifying songs. Since then it has been used to identify over fifty billion times.