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  • The internet continues to revolutionise the music industry

    Dancing happy

    Thanks to technology and the internet, worlds of music are available to us. They are literally at our fingertips. Only a couple of clicks away before we’re carried away on a wave of music.

  • Self-releasing music – the big pros and cons

    Vinyl record store

    If you have ever tried to make it in the music industry, you will already have a good idea of just how difficult it can be to find that all-important break.

  • How do artists make money today?

    The internet has changed everything and put bands in closer contact with their fans than ever before, but where is the money? The music industry is worth billions of dollars, but musicians are struggling harder than ever to find an income to sustain themselves.

  • Music to manage your mood

    Girl with headphones

    It doesn’t matter whether you make the music yourself, are part of a band or you just enjoy listening to it – music can have a dramatic impact on your mood.

  • How To Get Music Bloggers To Listen

    Get your music heard by bloggers

    Over the past decade music blogs have grown up from being a place where only a handful of geeky music nerds talked about their favourites records into a wealth of different blogs catering to every conceivable sub-genre you can think of. Music blogging has been a revolution in the music industry as whereas once bands […]