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  • Mix a pop song – 7 – Adding the Main Parts

    Probably the first thing we need to get out of the way right now, is a more detailed examination of the role of EQ in mixing. The Use of Equalisation Equalisation – or EQ, to give it its common acronym – is fundamental to modern recording and mixing. However, its application is still very much […]

  • Mix a pop song – 6 – Time for a break

    Personally this is my favourite point in the mix, as it is pure and unsullied by the rest of the twiddly bits coming up later, and you shouldn’t feel particularly tired at this point. You should make a note of this mix – either by storing it in software or by simply making chinagraph marks […]

  • Mix a pop song – 5 – Adding in the Padding

    Not all songs have a “pad” sound. Some songs work by placing all the responsibility on the lead instruments. However, a good “pad” sound adds body to the track and can also hide a multitude of sins in the playing of the other musical parts – it’s a simple and convenient way of making a […]

  • Mix a pop song – 4 – Using Noise Gates

    A “Noise Gate” – as many of you will know already – is a device that only lets sound through if it is louder than a set amount. So in some ways it is a bit like a dodgy connection lead! – except that: You can precisely calibrate when it cuts in It doesn’t crackle […]

  • Mix a pop song – 3 – Starting the real mix

    Now we start the actual process of mixing. Some people will have enthusiastically jumped straight to this point, thinking this is the real starting point. They are likely to be in big trouble if that’s the case… Why? Here are some reasons (there are others): If you leap in at this point without doing all […]