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The importance of music in your marketing

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Music has existed for as long as humanity can remember. It’s a powerful medium that can be used in various ways. It can stir up emotions, bring back memories, and much more. As a result, it’s been used in different ways, all with large degrees of success,

Some of the more notable of these include television shows and movies. Learning to get TikTok likes can also be used in marketing to improve your strategies. You might assume that this would be limited to adverts, although that isn’t the case.

It can be used on Instagram and Facebook stories, posts, and more. While you’ll need to figure out how to add music to Instagram story, your business will see more marketing results once you do.

According to professionals like Andrew Defrancesco the primary benefits of adding high-quality music to your marketing are related to the benefits of advertising itself. In essence, it enhances the message you’re trying to send. It does this in a few ways.

How music affects your marketing

It sets the pace

Pacing is a vital part of any kind of medium, from books to big-budget movies. Though cinematography and other factors will be involved in this, the music is what helps to set it. If you want people to get excited or relax, you’ll have to pick completely different things.

There are a few rules of thumb to follow with this, including:

  • Slow paced music: This typically adds suspense and drama. You’ll typically use this for longer videos, so would be recommended for ads of 30 seconds or more.
  • Neutral pace: This is typically seen as an interview pace for videos. You should expect these types of songs to reinforce emotion rather than creating it.
  • Fast paced music: Fast music is quite similar to slower-paced music in that it creates drama and suspense. It can also create suspense.

Keeping these in mind will help you pick the right music for your marketing campaign. If you’re struggling to determine what pace of music you should use, look at what your competitors are doing. Going for something similar can be recommended.

It adds emotion

Many marketing campaigns focus on stirring up a particular emotion and tying it to a particular product or service. There are countless ways to do this, as many marketing campaigns have proven. These will involve a mix of story, visuals, and audio.

As you would have guessed, music will play a significant role in this. To properly capitalize on this, however, you’ll need to determine what emotion you’re targeting. Story, tone, and other factors will also play a role in this. Once you’ve that figured out, you can choose music that enhances the emotion.

Music selection will be a vital component to this. If you’ve got an upbeat and exciting message, for example, you wouldn’t want a slow and sad song. Spending time choosing the right song will reap dividends when your marketing campaign’s results start coming in.

Make sure it’s a background noise, not a distraction

You’ll likely already be planning to add music to your marketing efforts. When you’re doing so, you should make sure that it doesn’t take over your Instagram story or ad. This can be seen if the music is too loud, although it can also happen if the music is inappropriate.

Addressing both of these points will make sure that the music is overbearing. After all, you should want the music to complement the overall message and tone of the ad. That also means getting creative with how the music is used.

You don’t need to have a song playing throughout the Instagram story or any ads. Having it play at strategic places is much better recommended. That way, it won’t be a distraction or take away from your messaging and ad.

Wrapping up

Marketing your business, regardless of what industry you’re in, is a necessity. To maximize the results you get for your efforts, you’ll need to make sure that you do it properly. Music and sound will be a small part of this, but it will be a vital one.

The visuals, message, tone, and much more will all be a large part. That’s just as true on Instagram as it is on the television or radio. Depending on where the ad will be placed, you might want to work with an audio engineer or some other creative professional to help with it.

That’s almost mandatory for television ads, among others. For an Instagram story or another social media platform, it mightn’t need to be as professionally developed. It should still be high-quality, however.

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