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Getting your music out there is a struggle that every musician faces at one stage or another. There is a lot of competition out there, and you’ll need to show people what makes you different enough for them to take notice. It can be a tough process to go through, especially when your focus is on making music rather than promoting it. So is there a way you can get your music out there while sticking to what you do best?

Want to help get your music out there? Here are some ideas to get help to promote your music while you focus on the music itself.

Bring in some help

If you’re unsure where to start with promoting your music, bring in someone who knows like a music PR firm. From sending out demos to using a phone answering service to take calls about any interest, it can be helpful to have someone else take care of the promotion for you. Even if your funds are low, you could hire someone for a couple of hours here and there to carry out the leg work on your behalf.

Start performing in different places

One of the best ways to get people to take notice of your music is to perform it. Try to find local opportunities to perform, including gigs at bars and music venues, open mic nights and others. If you’re not having much luck in your local area, why not try looking further afield for places to perform? You could also try busking in a popular space and enjoy the thrill of performing in a high traffic location.

Promote your music online

The internet is the place to go to find music. It’s a platform where emerging artists can share their music with a potentially global audience, all from their own homes. There are a lot of ways you can promote your music online, including publishing your music on YouTube and Spotify.

You could also try targeting some music blogs to help you get your music heard. There are some great tips for getting music bloggers to listen to your music that could help get your music heard by all the right people.

Make it available for commercial use

Have you considered making your music available for commercial use? There are different options for selling your music online, and commercial use could be one of them. From selling your tracks to a stock library to making them suitable for adverts or TV background music, you could find that taking a chance with some of your songs could help you get the exposure you need to give the rest of your music a push.

Promoting your music can be a lot of work, but it’s worth it if it takes off. Putting in some time to make some contacts and explore different avenues could mean that you get your music heard by all the right people, ready to help you get the success you deserve. Put a plan in place to promote your music now and see where it takes you.

Photograph by Maaria Lohiya

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