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  • Tips for choosing the best guitar VST plugins


    If you love to play the guitar, it will interest you to know there are plugins that can enhance your playing experience while also providing you with perfect sound. 

  • Where to live stream music recording and production

    Twitch music streaming

    Live streaming rose to prominence thanks to gamers and gaming fans who were keen to watch their favourite players compete and battle on services such as Twitch, but you can now live stream people doing almost anything – including music recording and production.

  • Why do people read reviews?

    Vinyl records

    Companies spend billions of pounds every year trying to convince us to try their news product or service, but recent reports show that traditional advertising does not carry the same weight it used to and people increasingly turn to online reviews before making their purchases.

  • Why we love the music of Massive Attack

    Massive Attack

    No other group in recent music history has become so instilled in British culture that Bristol-based group – Massive Attack.

  • How music can benefit your health

    You are what you listen to

    Music is a universal language. It does not matter which country one comes from, everyone loves music. People often dance to music even though they do not understand the language in which the music is in, this shows the power that music has.