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  • How do musicians make money?


    Many people assume that musicians and artists make their money by creating a hit track that breaks into the music charts top ten. This may have been true, at least to an extent in the 1990s, but the reality today is very different.

  • Who are the richest singers in 2020?

    Money / US dollars

    Music stars are cultural icons that soundtrack our lives. Many popular musicians have seen major success over the decades, with a lucky few finding millions of fans and becoming millionaires in the process. A really small number, however, have joined the ranks of the super-wealthy with fortunes in the hundreds of millions.

  • 5 top tips you should know as an independent musician


    According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), the global recorded music industry was worth about $20.2 billion in 2019. With the right talent and opportunity, you can also break through and become a big star in the music industry. Are you keen to learn some tips that will help you on your musical journey?

  • Can music impact your life in a positive way?

    Love music

    Music is one of those things that many of us enjoy. It can become part of our lives in so many ways. Enjoyment and recreational, hobbies and even work related.

  • 4 strategies to overcome the challenges of learning an instrument as an adult


    When you’re young, the advantages are cosmetic, such as impressing potential love interests and showing off. However, as you get older, you want to decompress and find new ways to blow off steam, and playing an instrument is an ideal solution.