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Mix a pop song – 7g – Auto Mix Levelling

Every mix engineer is familiar with the problem of individual parts of a mix suddenly “leaping out” on certain notes and “taking over” a mix. Modern mixing consoles provide automation to cope with this. But is this really the solution? If you’ve had much experience of this at all, then you will recognise that it is usually similar “sections” of the song, and similar note-ranges, that cause the problem repeatedly.

I love this technique! – but yet I’ve never seen it documented!!

Although you can resort to automated faders to solve this problem by brute-force, (and it may take you hours to get the levels right), I seriously urge you to experiment with letting the EQ do the work for you. Not only can it save considerable time programming mix automation, but it can also give you much better sonic results with less effort.

I’ll explain more about the use of EQ for what I call “Auto Mix Levelling” in the section called “Refining The Main Mix Levels” below. For the time being though – lets return to mixing our track. That is, after all, what this article is meant to be about, and we’ve deviated from it for too long…

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