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  • How To Use A Compressor

    Most effects processors are fairly simple to use; plug in an equaliser (for example), twiddle the controls, and listen to the output, and you pretty much know what you’re doing, and all you need is some experience behind you. Compressors don’t fall into this category. Plug them in and listen. What’s it doing? Unless someone has told you, then you probably won’t know. Play with the controls. What do they do? Don’t know either. What do the indicators mean? Difficult to tell. It’s all a bit frustrating really…

  • Recording Studio Theory

    A quick, basic rough and ready guide to recording studio theory by a professional sound studio engineer

  • Mix a pop song – 9 – Track Sharing

    Finally, if certain tracks have more than one instrument part on them (“track-sharing” is a common practice if the number of tracks you have is limited), then it is extremely likely that the different parts will need different levels, EQ, and effects on them (although if you’ve read my article on setting recording levels, you […]

  • Mix a pop song – 8 – Equalisation and Processing The Main Parts

    As a summary of the above, and using the above-mentioned techniques, I’ll describe how you apply them to each track, along with other techniques such as compression. Firstly, for each instrument, see whether you need to do any “safety” EQ. By safety EQ I mean rolling off either or both of the top and bottom […]

  • Mix a pop song – 7g – Auto Mix Levelling

    Every mix engineer is familiar with the problem of individual parts of a mix suddenly “leaping out” on certain notes and “taking over” a mix. Modern mixing consoles provide automation to cope with this. But is this really the solution? If you’ve had much experience of this at all, then you will recognise that it […]