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5 pro tips for a safer home studio

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Whether you have people coming and going or if it’s just you, it definitely pays to build a safer home music studio. This is because there are many dangerous elements, such as wires and electrical equipment. So, here are some expert and professional tips to get you started.

Take care of computer equipment

Modern music production studios are home to tons of electrical and computer equipment. And these run better at a certain temperature and humidity levels. Companies like Server Room Environments offer environment monitoring system components you can use for your setup. This is because excess moisture or too much heat can be dangerous. For example, any computer processor can blow up. And excess moisture can cause damage to optical drives.

Pay attention to cabling

Given that your home studio will probably consist of equipment attached to PCs and other devices, you need to pay attention to cabling. There are many reasons for this. First, and obviously, cables are a tripping hazard. So wire them in such a way that they are out of the way. If you need to run cables along the floor, you can secure them with electrical tape. Additionally, you need to ensure that cables are long enough, as broken insulation is a common fire hazard.

Install security for a safer home music studio

You can install adequate security for your home studio for much less than you think. For example, you can get a modern home installation security system (with an app) for less than £300 in the UK. A small price considering the thousands worth of equipment you might have. However, it also pays to make entry a challenge in the first place. So, make sure there are no easy doors or windows to your studio. And install good locks on the ones you use for access.

Put in fire suppression systems

There are many things that can go wrong in a music studio. And electrical fires are a probability. So ensure you have proper electrical fire suppression systems in place. These could be as simple as black fire extinguishers that contain carbon dioxide. Standard red ones contain water and will make the fire worse or electrocute you. Of course, you can also install sprinklers that can help prevent a fire from becoming worse in the first place by kicking in almost immediately.

Educate guests and employees about safety

If you run your home studio like a business, you probably have people coming and going. And while you cannot be held responsible for the actions of others, you do have a responsibility to their safety. And this includes any employees you have, guest producers and musicians. You can help avoid penalties by making a safe studio. But this is futile if you don’t also make people aware of how to act in an emergency, what to do and where the nearest emergency exit is.


You should consider developing a safer home music studio considering all the dangerous elements. You can monitor the studio’s climate, much like a server room. And you can also reduce theft by installing security systems. And also educate people about safety.



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