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Music in video games

Grand Theft Auto

As video games have grown from the pastime of teenage boys in their bedrooms to multi-million dollar titles that rival blockbuster movies in their scope, the music in games has evolved.

Unlike films, games tend to follow a non-linear structure and so the player has an effect on how the story evolves and the music must follow these narrative changes. This means that much of the soundtrack for a game must be created in component layers that can be overlapped, twisted, and reconstructed depending on how the game is playing played.

While some high-profile games such as Grand Theft Auto will also include full tracks from well-known artists, which can be fitted in to some well-defined areas of the game, musicians will also dedicated months of works ot constructing the soundscapes that can evolve with the gameplay.

In smaller, independent games such as for the iPhone or Android, or web-based games such as euro palace developers do not have the budgets of big studios to work with teams of composers and musicians. However, just for these reasons, royalty-free music stores such as AudioJungle have sprung up so that independent developers can find the perfect loops and songs for their games.

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