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What a Beginner Should Know About Buying DJ Equipment


DJ turn that music up, I want to feel it!

You know that beat. Tiesto and Three 6 Mafia meet for a collaboration of a lifetime.

In its time, it was played in night clubs all over the world. Originally mastered on premium quality DJ equipment, the song was later blasted at club parties on equipment of varying quality levels. Seemingly even the most affordable professionally DJ equipment is good enough to make this track a winner.

But not every song is a hit. Sometimes the difference maker is the DJ equipment that is used to play it. There are some songs that can really get butchered if the equipment isn’t up to snuff. Anything that takes it into hyper speed or mixes it up a lot will be extremely subject to lower quality sound output.

So if you want to be a great DJ, you need the equipment to back it up. You can spin the record however you want, but in the end it’s the equipment that’s making it sound great.

What DJ Equipment Should You Buy?

If you plan on playing a song while pulling cross-fades, scratches, etc., from another then you definitely need simultaneous turntables. You will also need to avoid using a belt-driven turntable as the record can’t be scratched or paused when it’s spinning.

While the single most important part of a DJ set-up is the turntables, there is still other equipment that is very important.

For instance, you need to pick up a quality pre-amp to increase the volume from the record player. This is not necessary if you have a player with a built-in pre-amp. You can expect to pay in the range of $150 to $350 for a decent quality pre-amp. Of course, buying used DJ equipment can help lower the cost all around.

Getting the right hardware is also important. There are many options of DJ equipment hardware that you could pick up. Some examples include anti-static slip-mats, power strips, RCA cords, record cleaner, vinyl brush, back-up cartridges and stylus, and a quality set of headphones.

You will need a good mixer to fluently work between the two turntables. Even the most affordable mixers tend to do a decent job. The mixer is very important for certain actions, such as the flip-switch or double-channel fade. The mixer also makes it easier to control the volume. Basically, what makes or breaks a DJ’s high level skills is their performance on the mixer.

Lastly, a PA system would be a good investment if you plan on being a DJ that can travel to do shows. This is not necessary if you know where you will be touring to and you know that they have a PA system available. However, for a few hundred dollars you definitely can’t go wrong with picking up your own system. Plus, you get to practice on it to hear yourself like others would when you actually perform for an audience.

As a beginner, you may be discouraged due to the cost of a DJ set-up. However, you don’t have to be. You can easily find full DJ equipment systems online that are affordably priced and perfect for beginners. Just do a little looking around and find a system that appeals to you. By purchasing a full system, including all the equipment you will need, you will eliminate a lot of potential and unexpected problems.

Photograph by Tengilorg

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