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An increasing number of artists making headlines became famous as a result of performing at music festivals. This increase in the popularity of festival artists is due to many being independent. Because independent artists don’t have recourse to the marketing campaigns that artists with large record companies do, they must rely on festivals and other means for publicity.

Jordan Kurland is a partner of Noise Pop, co-founder of Treasure Island Music Festival and a board member of the Stern Grove Festival. His experience has given him the tools to manage some of the best artists who initially started out independently. Professionals like Kurland know just how far independent artists can go with the right tools. By organizing these festivals, he has given these artists the perfect places to showcase their talents.

Many music lovers enjoy festivals that are for specific genres. Going to these festivals is a great way to learn more about all the hottest artists and the music they produce. If you enjoy the idea of getting to meet your favourite artists after they perform, the more relaxed atmosphere at the festival is just the right place for it. These festivals also provide a good way to sell more CDs and other types of merchandise.

One of the ways in which musicians as a whole make a name for themselves is by helping to raise awareness for social causes. From disaster relief fundraisers to political action, musicians are quite influential. The community built up by music festivals is one that is very supportive of social action. People who enjoy music enjoy learning what types of causes their favourite musicians support. Knowing that a musician or another famous person supports a particular cause helps raise more awareness.

In coming years, music festivals are expected to play an even greater role in influencing what types of music that gain a lot of attention. As more music lovers gravitate towards festival artists, rather than major commercial artists, the music industry will continue to evolve. The use of technology and better awareness of new acts will help ensure that the music industry always has something for every listener.

If you are heading to a festival this year, remember that ear protection is essential for keeping your ears safe, and so it is important to invest in some decent noise reduction ear plugs if you spend any time near the front where the sound is loudest.

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