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Scion celebrates 10 years of supporting indie artists

Scion AV Infographic
Presented By Scion

Scion has recently hit the 10 year milestone of supporting independent artists through its Scion AV programme, something we thought we should celebrate!

The US car-maker has worked with over 2,000 independent musicians and bands across a variety of genres from household names such as Steve Aoki, Motorhead, and RZA to smaller artists that are still growing their following such as Chicago rapper/producer Tree or country-influenced California band Travesura.

The arts has always needed its benefactors, and Scion have not only offered funding and a platform for bands to get heard, but hundreds of hours of interviews, and discussions (recorded at the Music(less) Music Conference on how to be an independent rap or rock artist in today’s digital world.

The project also included discussions on publicity for indie bands and artists, which offers invaluable information about getting your music heard by fans, promoters, and DJs. One of our popular pieces here on AudioMelody was about getting music blogger’s to listen to your music, and this offers perspectives from other parts of the music industry in getting your music ‘out there’

Even more relevant to these pages is a series of videos Scion produced, again from the Music(less) Music Conference, on what music startups are offering – where influential figures discuss the positives that the ongoing rush of music startups have brought to the world, but also the negatives that they have yet to solve.

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