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If you are a keen musician, then you will be aware of how much of a challenge it can often be to keep improving at the same rate the whole time. Often, it can seem as though you have hit something of a wall, beyond which you can’t even see, let alone reach. But if you are truly keen to improve your skills as much as possible, then you should know that there are always things you can do towards that end.

Before we get onto other concerns of how to make your music sound better and improve your overall understanding on the subject, let’s first look at the notion of practising the instrument. No matter what you play, you need to get as good as you can at that first, as it is your instrument which is the bedrock of all the other skills that you might learn. With that in mind, make sure to set aside a decent amount of practice time each day just for you and your instrument, no matter what else you’ve got going on or what other aspects of making music you are also wanting to develop. Just sit somewhere quiet and undisturbed and practice your instrument. This alone will get you very far into where you want to go.

Produce yourself

If you have never tried your hand at producing music, then you might want to consider giving it a go. Production is a whole other set of skills on its own, and that is why it can be a great way to improve your overall ability with all music. Producing your own music, in particular, will give you a feel for how it works while simultaneously improving the sound of the music you are playing. If you are unsure where to get started, take a look at for information on setting up a music production suite in your own home and getting to terms with it.. This is bound to improve your playing and your skills dramatically, so it’s well worth considering.

Play with others

As well as spending a lot of time practising alone, you should also try to play with others. Playing with others is, for many, what music is all about, and if you are doing this routinely then you will learn a great deal that you might not otherwise. Playing with others allows you to practice with different styles and rhythms, and gives you a chance to feel what it is like performing in front of other people. So make sure that you are trying this out at least every now and then. It is also worth playing with a wide range of different people, as this will dramatically increase your ability to play to different styles on a whim. Bear this in mind if you start to feel that your playing has become stale.

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