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Which classic rock bands have survived into the 21st century?

Rolling Stones

Seeing news headlines about which famous rock star has just died has become a depressingly familiar routine in recent years. From glam rockers like David Bowie, to speed metal titans like Lemmy, we’ve lost many classic rock icons in what feels like a very short period of time.

But thankfully there are still a few unruly rockers out there who aren’t giving up the ghost just yet, so here’s a look at which stars of the classic rock era are surviving well into the 21st century.

One of the most surprising facts is that The Rolling Stones appear to be displaying signs of immortality. Despite a decadent and drug-fuelled lifestyle that’s lasted decades, the band are still able to carry out massive global tours and have even just gone into the studio to record what will be their 31st studio album!

Similarly, Bob Dylan has also shown remarkable endurance. Despite his vocals becoming more ravaged with each year’s passing, he’s still in the midst of The Never Ending Tour and even just picked up a Nobel Prize for Literature.

The Beach Boys’ star Brian Wilson recently added a handful of dates to his Pet Sound 50th Anniversary Tour and looks to be in his best health for years. And Ray Davies from The Kinks was even the unlikely recipient of a knighthood.

Whilst George Harrison and John Lennon both had their lives tragically cut short, the remaining Beatles still appear to be going strong. Paul McCartney has managed to juggle suing Sony over the Beatles copyrights whilst collaborating with Kanye West, and even Ringo Starr has a new album on the go.

Musicians from the 1970s are also showing pretty phenomenal resilience. Despite a career scarred with self-mutilation and drug abuse, Iggy Pop still balances the precarious acts of doing car insurance commercials whilst collaborating with the likes of Queens of the Stone Age. And KISS have even found the time to let CasinoEuro showcase their licensed KISS-slots game that should keep fans happy whilst waiting for that long-overdue reunion.

Although Black Sabbath are in the midst of a well-received farewell tour, it’s worth remembering that this is just one of the many farewell tours that the band have carried out. And whilst Robert Plant has reportedly turned down £500 million to reform Led Zeppelin, there’s always a small chance that these enigmatic stars could one day decide to get back on the road!

Photograph by Brandon Carson

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