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Five great Bluetooth speakers for your tablet

Marley Chant

It’s no wonder that those people that are constantly on the go have so much love for their tablets such as the new Lenovo tablets launched only a short while ago. Their ability to do everything from streaming TV shows to checking the weather is a godsend.  Today, though, is all about music.  We’re going to take a look at what we think are the best portable and Bluetooth speakers.  Whether they’re used for a garden party or a summer festival, these babies will keep the tunes going all night long.

Marley Chant

This is a strange-looking unit, no doubt.  However, it’s still seriously useful.  The Marley Chant is a circular device that’s carried around in a canvas cover and is perfect for being clipped to a bag or backpack.  (It will be great for festivals).  It re-charges using a micro-USB and there is a 3.5mm input for those that need to hook it up directly.  It’s worth noting that the speaker can on occasion be blocked off by the bag’s lid.  However, as a personal playback device for the discerning traveller, it’s pretty hard to fault.

KitSound Hive

In terms of design, this is about as far away from the Marley as can be.  The KitSound Hive’s name comes from the honeycombed design that covers its speaker, but there are no bright summer colours here: it’s a none-more-black beast that weighs in at a remarkably light 13.2oz. Before you buy this speaker, ask yourself should you buy subwoofers as it can enhance the quality of the sound. It easily links up with a Bluetooth handset, and can also be hooked up using a 3.5mm cable when BT isn’t an option.  There’s a decent amount of low-end in the sound, and the 5w speakers can get pretty loud without distorting.  No wonder it caused such a buzz when it was released.

SuperTooth Disco 2

We’re going to a slightly higher price point here, but the extra 20 or so the Disco will cost compared to the previous two speakers is worth it.  16w of power mean that it can go far louder without any distortion (though it will function better when there’s no other background noise).  The amount of volume is impressive given its size: just over 7.1 inches.  It supports 4.0 Bluetooth, and works fine in any range up to 10 metres or so.  It will connect further but like any unit the signal will eventually go.  However, it uses a 12v power cable to recharge rather than a micro USB, so remember that you’ll need a power source of some kind if your party is going the distance.

Jawbone Jambox

This is as high as we’re going in terms of price point but there’s definitely something to be said for splashing out on quality.  Set out in a seriously bright red, the Jambox is a seriously eye-catching unit.  It’s also brilliantly simple: three buttons consist of a plus and minus and an on/off switch. The fact that it’s nice and small – 12oz or so – belies the fact that it sounds absolutely lovely, especially in terms of audio detail.  Ideal for camping trips and summer barbecues.

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