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Bigger venues offer a very different experience

Live music

Most music fans spend a great deal of time and money visiting dive bars to find great up-and-coming bands and artists. Even when visiting foreign cities, a great live music venue is one of the first things many of us us seek out.

As good as these small venues are for finding new bands, the bigger venues like the Albert Hall or Las Vegas casino offer a whole different package that should be considered on its own merits. They get different bands, bigger acts that you just will not be able to find at summer festivals or cheap bars.

Casinos in Las Vegas can offer artists extremely lucrative deals to play there, and no expense is spared on the sound and light shows, as unlike your local £5/night indie bar, casinos are making huge profits both in the real world and online with the likes of Lucky Nugget online casino.

This isn’t to put small local venues down, they do a fantastic job of giving new artists somewhere to play and find an audience, but when bands graduate to bigger venues there is nothing wrong with their audience doing the same every now and again.

Beyond the bigger venues, some landmarks around the world have begun to offer curated nights of music, with a particular favourite of our here in the Melody Towers being Jodrell Bank near Manchester, which recently put on a spectacular show with Sigur Ros, with tickets often on sale from a money saving website. The beautiful, subtle and spacious music of Sigur Ros appears to open a whole world when played with the Jodrell Bank Observatory watching the stars in the background.

A venue can add value the live music experience, whether that is friends playing in the hay at a music festival with the sun shining, the glamour of a casino, or that favourite dirty little dive bar where all your favourite bands were broken.

Photograph by Wheelplant

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