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The psychological effect of music

Nerves / synapses

Music has a deep connection with every single person on the planet – it’s embedded into everything we do and who we are. No matter your religion, your likes and dislikes, or where you’re from, music plays a crucial role in cultures and traditions and is woven into our DNA. Every person’s playlist on their phone is different; no two are the same, kind of like a fingerprint. This is because each person is different and has different tastes, memories that are linked by certain songs and emotions, which comes to show the significance of the effect music has on someone. That said, here are some proven psychological effects music has on a person’s brain.

Stress relief

But, many scientific studies conducted by researchers showed that people showed lowered levels of stress when listening to the music of their choice. According to a study conducted by Harvard Health, patients who had to undergo surgery also showed lower blood pressure levels when listening to music before and after they had received their surgeries, compared to other patients who had to wait in silence. Also, there have been numerous studies on the effect of classical music on cognitive function. Participants were given small tasks like fine cutting paper, folding paper, etc. while listening to Mozart. These studies showed that the participants who were listening to Mozart while completing their tasks showed much more attention to detail than those who had to complete their tasks in silence.


Do you sometimes listen to a particular song and suddenly find yourself thinking back on an experience you had while listening to that specific song? Exactly. Music has a way of latching onto a person’s memories and can help you remember things that you might have forgotten otherwise. Something you may not have thought about for a long time can suddenly bubble up when a song comes up on the radio that reminds you of that moment. The same applies to studying as well – many kids and even college students make up little songs to remember complicated work, suddenly being able to remember every little detail just because they added a tune to it? Music is powerful, and it can let your brain sway and swerve and yield to its melodic hypnosis by embedding itself into a memory or an emotion.


No one will listen to a perky song when they feel down in the dumps – that’s precisely how music moulds our mentality. Music is your crying buddy when you feel sad – hence the reason why artists like Snow Patrol are on repeat if you recently went through a break-up. But music can also be your cheerleader when you need motivation, your therapist when you need to let it all out, and also your fellow party animal when you’re going out. Whether you have a game night and need a few Pop Songs to lighten the mood or have a romantic date night for two at home and need a little help setting the tune, music has your back and can be whatever you need it to be. Songs can also coax you into a mood – try listening to David Guetta while standing completely still; not going to work, is it? Music can get into your bones and have you dancing around before you even know it, or it can let you get in a bit of a slump if it’s sad. But, when you’re down and need someone to be down with you, music will be right there to say everything you’re feeling.

In conclusion, music has a profound psychological effect on the brain – many people listen to music throughout their entire day and depend on it, especially people who live alone or don’t like to sit in silence. Music is also a form of communication and expressions, which is why almost every religion has traditional melodies – it provides a chance for everyone to connect with one another and let everything out they’ve been keeping bottled up to themselves, which is a very healthy way of processing one’s emotions and thoughts. Whatever your taste in music is; rock, pop, indie, country, alternative, or R&B, it is a part of who you are and is one of the quickest ways someone can get to know exactly who you are. Your eyes may be the windows to your soul, but music is the doorway to one’s deepest thoughts and emotions – so don’t forget to spend some time every now and again listening to your favourite music, you might just feel better afterward!



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