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Propellerheads To Offer iPad Figure Music Studio For $1

Propellerheads Reason

Propellerheads, the Swedish music software company that is behind Reason, ReCycle, and ReBirth, are launching an iOS app named Figure for just $1 which is designed to make music production on the go a real possibility. Musicians will now be able to be sitting at the back of a bus or on a train and have the power of the Reason music engine to play with.

This isn’t just going to be Reason ported to multi-touch devices, but the interface rebuilt to focus on quick access to tonality, rhythm, and pattern, all on top of the Reason and its instruments that thousands have learned to love on their laptops. Propellerheads are saying this will sound exactly as good as Reason on the desktop, making it one hell of a bargain for just a dollar (or £0.79 here in the UK).

Alongside this new release, the company have announced the addition of “Rack Extensions”, which will allow developers to add their own instruments to the Reason Rack for the first time. This is a huge play by Propellerheads as they are aiming of becoming the musical operating system on iOS devices, within which all other music software can run as a rack extension – basically an app store within Reason. Just like an app store, they will be splitting the revenues from each extension with the developers, who will get 70% of the sale. Third parties already announced include Korg, Sugar Bytes, Peff, Softube, GForce, SonicCharge and users will be able to try out each rack extension for 30 days for free.

Propellerheads submitted the app to Apple for review last week, so it should be available shortly at the App Store. This could be huge.

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