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SoundCloud + Ableton = Awesome

SoundCloud + Ableton

Ableton has long been making the defacto software solution for electronic musicians to play live, as well as for making beats and grooves – and now they have partnered with SoundCloud, the music hosting and streaming solution used by musicians and music blogs across the globe.

The integration is as deep as allowing Ableton allowing users to upload directly to SoundCloud from within the software, and SoundCloud offering Ableton users 5 months of a Pro account for free. Ableton is also offering the SoundCloud community a free version of Ableton Live Lite 8 – a very useful tool to get started. To grab this free download, you’ll need to sign up for SoundCloud and join their email newsletter within the next couple of weeks.

This is two fantastic Berlin-based audio companies coming together to make their products better for musicians.

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