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Clock Opera To Make Song Exclusively From Samples From Fans

Clock Operation

Clock Opera, the London-based band making waves with their “chop pop” style of music production and with a debut album Ways To Forget coming on April 23rd on Moshi Moshi are taking user generated content to a new level with Clock Operation.

Fans and producers are welcomed to submit any sample they like to the music making process from an obscure noise, to birdsong, to a synth bass-line, to the clang of pans, to a few vocal melody – the band will be sifting through the submissions to make a brand new tune. Just be sure to get your sound in before 23rd March so the band will have a chance to play with it.

This collaborative effort is being done with the help of music streaming startup SoundCloud and the final piece of music will premiere on DIY on March 26th

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