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  • How music impacts our cognitive abilities

    Nerves / synapses

    The effects of music on our emotional state have been well documented through the years, with everyone having their own favourite playlist for when they are happy, sad, or pumping up for a night out. Beyond its effects on our emotions, recent studies have found that music also has an impact on our decision-making processes, which could mean big business for companies looking to get us to spend our money with them.

  • Why does everyone hate background music on the web?


    Background music is something we have all become accustomed to in shops, cafes, restaurants, and just about everywhere else, but online the situation is very different. No major website in 2019 autoplays background, no matter if they are an ecommerce store, a news site, or a social media platform – it just is not done.

  • Get in the zone with these genius songwriting tips


    Songwriting is an incredibly personal process, so don’t feel like all of these should automatically work for you. Try them all out and see which hacks inspire you the most.

  • Budget-savvy streaming: How to save money on music


    The average American now spends more on listening to music than ever before, thanks to a combination of rising fees, aggressive marketing, spiralling ticket costs, and high inflation.

  • Audio production, PC or Mac?

    Live DJ

    There is always a big debate when people have to choose between a PC or a Mac.