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Importance of finding the best Smart DNS provider to bypass geo-restrictions


Geo-restrictions on sites like Hulu, HBO, and Amazon Prime can be very frustrating for people living in territories outside of the US and Europe that do not have official access to those services. Luckily, for those that want to pay for access to that content, there are a variety of technological options to get around these restrictions.

Proxies are the traditional way to get around geoblocks, as they let users appear as if they have an IP address based within the country from which they are accessing the service, often the US.

Proxies are useful, but they can cause issues when someone is watching a US video stream with a US-based IP, and they want to check their email at the same time. Because their IP address will appear as if it is from the US, rather than their home country, they may get locked out of their email for suspicious activity.

To get around this issue, Smart DNS services have sprung up, where users can set up their home router to access these Smart DNS servers, so that traffic going to US music or video streaming services is redirected via a US IP addresses, while the rest of the user’s internet access is accessed via their own ISP.

As Smart DNS servers can be set at the router level, no extra software is needed, but Smart DNS services do differ from provider to provider so it is worth doing some research and reading some Smart DNS provider reviews to find a reliable option for your needs.

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