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Amazon Prime in Australia?

Amazon Prime

Despite the internet removing national boundaries for various services, making the world a level playing field for ideas to succeed or fail, some services remain geo-restricted.

Most music and video streaming services start and either the US or Europe and slowly make their way over the pond, but our friends in the Southern Hemisphere seem to have to wait forever to get access to the same platforms.

The reason for the delay in the likes of Netlfix, Spotify, in reaching Australia and New Zealand is partly that companies don’t focus on these territories due to their relatively small populations, but mostly due to the complex nature of copyright law and licensing deals.

The rights to each album or television show for streaming or download needs to be licensed for each territory, which involves negotiations, lawyers, and can be an expensive and time consuming process.

Luckily, Netflix and Spotify have arrived in Australia, albeit with different catalogues to those available in the likes of the US and UK, but there is yet to be Amazon Prime or Hulu in Australia.

It is not a huge surprise that Australia has no Amazon Prime at the moment, as Amazon has still not properly launched in the country at all. A large country with a pretty sparse population means that Amazon loses a lot of the scale that makes Amazon so competitive on price in the US and Europe if it opens shop in Australia, and without the free delivery part of Amazon Prime, Jeff Bezos has decided that too few Australians would sign up for the service to make it a profitable exercise.

Luckily, just because Amazon hasn’t officially opened its streaming service in Australia, it is impossible to get access to the Amazon Prime in Australia for streaming films and television shows with technologies such as Smart DNS and proxies.

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