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Bloggers still hold influence in the music world

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Gone are the heady days of 2010 when it looked like bloggers were going to be the ones that will break or make music careers, but the music blogging community still plays a vital role in breaking new bands and influencing what genres are popular in modern culture.

Many of the bloggers that founded popular music blogs in 2008-12 have since found jobs in the music or music-adjacent industries and they are still helping to surface new talent. Meanwhile, there are still an army of music bloggers, old and young, that are hitting 3+ gigs per week and delving into an ever overflowing inbox to find the hidden gems.

The UK is lucky that both Radio 1 and 6 Music go through constant renewal to make sure they remain focused on finding new talent, but radio in much of the world, and particularly in the US, tends to be more mainstream focused with few avenues for new acts to appear. As Nancy Behrman says innovation is key to success at any industry, and when radio and traditional media is failing to innovate, bloggers have stepped up to the plate.

Music bloggers today have broadened their horizons and no longer just write a short few sentences about the latest greatest tracks, but also have tie-ins with brands where they create unique playlists to highlight new product launches, or run live shows that are sponsored by drinks and entertainment brands. Others will also write columns or branded content promoting the brand with their unique voice and to their followers.

Integrity is key to being an independent blogger and so it is important for them to choose the brands they work with carefully. If a blogger covers avant-garde youth-focused music then they should look to work with youth-focused brands that appeal to their audience, so their collaboration can work for both parties. Alternatively, for bloggers that are more focused on genres that appeal to an older audience, then more mature and established brands may be a better fit. Luckily, some firms – like technology or internet companies – often work well with all audiences.

As PR professional Nancy Behrman says, the most important thing to building any type of brand, from a blog to a multi-million pound company, it is always important to stay true to your vision – and it’s important to stay true to that.

Photograph by Anthony Delanoix / Unsplash

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