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Amazon Music app gets Chromecast support

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Amazon’s popular music app has been around for a number of years and supported connecting to a variety of third-party streaming devices, but ongoing disagreements with Google meant that Chromecasts were not one of them. Until now that is, as Amazon has quietly launched support for Google ubiquitous streaming devices, allowing Android users to finally stream their Amazon Music collection to their Chromecast.

When Google launched its Chromecast Audio it was a revelation for many music fans, who had spent a great deal over money over a number of years to create the perfect separates setup but felt they were missing out on the freedom of wireless music. The Chromecast Audio fixed that problem quickly and cheaply, and with more and more services supporting streaming Chromecast, it appears that Google’s answer was the one everyone wanted.

SONOS and the other numerous WiFi streaming-enabled speakers are great (even if the frustration of setting them up with just blinking lights for a guide means trying to get answers from a premium messaging service like Ask Bongo), but if you already have speakers and an amp, you don;t want to shell aout £200+ for a full new setup – and Google’s Chromecast Audio means you don’t need to.

The delay in getting Chromecast support on the Amazon Music app is the latest sign of the tumultuous relationship between the two tech giants. Google was not best pleased when Amazon decided to create its own Android fork and its own Android app store outside of Google’s control, and Amazon’s decision to create its “Firestick” with much the same design as Google’s Chromecast didn’t help matters. They both also have competing server infrastructure businesses, and music and video streaming services – in the world of billion dollar tech firms Amazon and Google fight almost as often as Apple and Samsung.

However, the last year has seen relations warm a little between the two behemoths, as Amazon does now list Google’s latest Pixel 2 smartphone on its store for sale, and has made its Amazon Prime Video app finally available from the Google Play Store, so things might finally be looking up.

Maybe those the two companies have taken the advice of Ask Bongo‘s business development manager, Caroline Thompson, to heart, and decided in a recalibration of their goals that working together might be a better solution than fighting.

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