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7 of the best drum practice pads for 2017

Roland practice drum

Practising on a full-size drum kit may be the most fun option, but it will not make you popular with the neighbours. Practice pads will give you the chance to improve your paradiddles, flams, and other rudiments without the complaints from Margaret five doors down the street.

Here are seven of the best practice pads for 2017:

7. Evans RealFeel 2-Sided Practice Pad

For decades, Evans has been a reckoned brand name in drum accessories. The company is known for making some of the best accessories for drummers and thus it evolved the Evans 2-Sided Practice Pad that supplies an immense value to the musician.

  • 6″ diameter
  • A-side side is Neoprene
  • B-side is Gum Rubber


  • Easy to use
  • Dual purpose.
  • Durable
  • High-quality material


  • No bounce of an acoustic drum
  • Expensive

6. Remo Practice Pad

Remo is one of the oldest manufacturers of drum accessories across the globe and their practice pads are a popular choice for drummers of all standards.

  • Bounce and feel of a real drum
  • Protective rubber bottom
  • Easy to mount
  • Available at three different diameters – 6″, 8″, and 10″


  • Lightweight
  • Good acoustic quality
  • Affordable
  • Replaceable head
  • Extremely durable


  • Noticeably loud in comparison to other pads

5. Vic Firth 12″ Double Sided Practice Pad

Vic Firth is one of the largest drumming accessory’s producers, and the company’s drum pads have become popular for their quality and low price point.

  • Two different surfaces (soft rubber and hard rubber).
  • Wooden rim reproduces the feel of real drum


  • High-quality materials
  • Easy to Mount
  • Inexpensive


  • Nothing much

4. Sabian Quiet Tone Mesh Practice Pad

The most enticing factor about the Sabian Quiet Tone Mesh Practice Pad is that it looks prominently like a real drum.

  • 10″ diameter pad
  • You can tune the drumhead on your own as per the need.
  • It can be used either as a tabletop or on top of a snare stand.


  • Durable
  • Metal rim
  • High-quality materials


  • Expensive

3. Drumeo P4 Practice Pad

Practice pads with different zones and heights.

  • 4 different surfaces on three different levels with different characteristics
  • Nontraditional look
  • Four different surfaces have different characteristics.
  • Versatile


  • Durable
  • High-end accessory


  • Pricey

2. DW Drum Workshop CPPADTS5 Go Anywhere Pad Set with Stand

The best feature of this practice pad is that you get multiple pads with a stand to hold them, which gives you a feel of a real drum.

  • Five different pads for complete kit feel
  • Adjustable tripod stand
  • A complete practice tool


  • Full practice set
  • Quiet


  • Not much

1. Movement Ultra Portable Practice Pads

Reliable and brightly coloured practice pads that can go anywhere with you.

  • Compact design
  • Easy to carry wherever you want
  • Sticky bottom can be fixed to any surface


  • Portable
  • Waterproof


  • Small size
  • Sticky side might be problematic at times

Photograph by Fancycrave1

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