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Music can make you happy, and it can make you sad. It can inspire and motivate, bring back memories from years ago and overall evoke just about any human emotion. It’s such an important part of life, and so if you’re looking for a new hobby to get involved in, consider enrolling in music lessons with a Band Aid School of Music instructor directly into your home with their virtual lessons program. Whether you’re looking to actively make music or have more appreciation for the music of others, here are some hobbies you could consider.

Learn an instrument

The most obvious hobby when it comes to music is to learn an instrument. Not only does this give you bragging rights and look ultra impressive to anyone you meet, but there are tonnes of great psychological benefits. It can teach discipline, improve concentration and play an instrument has even been shown to make people smarter! You can try fun and engaging violin lessons by experienced violin teachers from LVL Music Academy. Plus, practicing a skill and knowing you’re getting better each week is great for self-esteem which benefits people of all ages. Whether the drums, guitar, violin, piano or any other instrument grabs your interest, learning to play could be one of the best hobbies you will ever take up. These days, it doesn’t even have to be an actual instrument. Software programs and other computer based music programs can allow you to make music and unleash your creativity.

Teaching or tutoring

If you’re already a skilled musician and have mastered the instrument of your choice, why not pass your knowledge down to someone else? Teaching and tutoring can give you a lot of satisfaction as you get to work with students and watch them improve. You could train them to enter competitions and inspire them to be the very best they can be. Chances are when you were learning your craft you had an incredible teacher that showed you the way and ignited your passion. By teaching or tutoring, you get the opportunity to do the same for someone else.

Join a band, orchestra or choir

Another option if you’re a skilled musician would be to team up with others and be a part of something great! If you sing, play the guitar, drums or keyboard there are bound to be local bands out there who need your skills. Have a look on Facebook groups and classifieds sites to see if anyone is advertising for band mates. If you’re more of a classic kind of musician, why not see if you can join a band or a choir? Who knows what kinds of opportunities these things could open up, you could end up playing in front of large crowds or even on tv? Plus you get the social aspect as well, you get to meet like-minded people and enjoy a shared passion. Instead of playing alone you get to be involved in something huge and impressive, and contribute your skills to something bigger.

Record store

Collect records

Unfortunately, we’re not all skilled musicians, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still appreciate music. There are tonnes of hobbies you can do relating to the subject even if you don’t have the ability (or desire to learn) an instrument yourself. Collecting records is one way to go about this. Building up a collection in today’s digital world can be challenging, although now vinyl is becoming more popular again it’s easier than it once was. Artists can hire a company that offers vinyl mastering, and lots of the best selling albums are available to buy in this format too. Have a rummage through the second-hand vinyl at music shops and boot sales, but keep an eye on deep or long scratches or other forms of wear. Ebay, Amazon and classified sites online are all worth keeping an eye on too, if there’s something specific you have your eye on it might well crop up online sooner or later.

Study music history

Are you the academic type who has an interest in music? Why not enroll at a local college and study music history? The study of the historic arts can be incredibly fascinating, and seeing how music has evolved up to this point can give you even more of an appreciation for it. Once you’ve finished your course, it could even be used to help you make a career change into something that interests you more if this is something you would be looking to do. Any kind of arts based career will appreciate this kind of background, even if it’s not strictly a musical career. Otherwise, if you play or just appreciate music, it’s useful background knowledge to have. And again, gives you the chance to meet like minded people.

Go to concerts, festivals, and gigs

Another music based hobby you could enjoy even if you don’t play yourself is to appreciate that of others. And what better way than to see your favorite artists perform live? Concert tickets can be expensive but there’s no atmosphere quite like it, they give you an incredible experience and memories to last forever. As well as big concerts from your favorite stars, you could support smaller and local talent too by going to watch them play smaller gigs. Again you get the enjoyment live music, and who knows- you could end up seeing a band play that end up being massive stars and selling out arenas within a couple of years! Music festivals are another great way to see artists that you love and also discover new ones. A weekend of partying in a muddy field and seeing artists play live on a stage is another fantastic and memorable experience and a great way to spend your summer.

Learning or appreciating music is a fantastic hobby to get involved in. It could make you smarter, boost your self-esteem or allow you to connect with people with the same passions. Whatever route you want to take, it will be a worthwhile hobby to learn.

What are your musical based hobbies? Do you have any others that you would recommend to music lovers?

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  1. izraulhidashi says:

    Studying (listening) Music you don’t like can help build better skills.