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  • Get inspired – it’s time to write your first rock song


    Songwriting can be one of the best ways to get your feelings out. There’s a reason why we go to so many songs – both happy and sad – when something significant happens in our lives. Whether you’re celebrating a wedding or dealing with the aftermath of heartache, music is there for you.

  • JLS star explains the benefits of FSCS-protected accounts

    Marvin Humes (JLS) talks about the importance of FSCS

    Few people make huge sums in the music industry, and the days of private jets emblazoned with a band’s logo have been left behind in the 1980s, but money is as important to musicians as it ever has been.

  • Scion celebrates 10 years of supporting indie artists

    scion-Scion AV infographic

    Scion has recently hit the 10 year milestone of supporting independent artists through its Scion AV programme, something we thought we should celebrate!

  • Music festivals showcase the brightest and best

    Live music

    An increasing number of artists making headlines became famous as a result of performing at music festivals. This increase in the popularity of festival artists is due to many being independent. Because independent artists don’t have recourse to the marketing campaigns that artists with large record companies do, they must rely on festivals and other […]

  • 4 USB audio interfaces that won’t break the bank

    Akai EIE Pro

    The cost of a home studio has come down a long way with software taking over the vast majority of tasks, but to get the best audio recording and playback quality you can, you will need to spend a little money on a dedicated audio interface.