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  • Why does everyone hate background music on the web?


    Background music is something we have all become accustomed to in shops, cafes, restaurants, and just about everywhere else, but online the situation is very different. No major website in 2019 autoplays background, no matter if they are an ecommerce store, a news site, or a social media platform – it just is not done.

  • Power of music: How creativity can change your life


    Music makes your mood, guides your day, and it’s beautiful that many have found music in their lives – here’s how you can join them.

  • Women who changed the music industry


    The rise of the #MeToo movement over the last couple of years has impacted a variety of industries, but special attention has been paid to entertainment – and the music industry is a large part of that.

  • How to choose the perfect background music

    Amplifier volume

    While some people want or need total silence while they are studying, working, or doing whatever else, other people tend to be more productive and less distracted when they have some sort of background noise.

  • How to make the most of the music when gaming

    Smartphone and headphones

    Whether a game uses a rudimentary combination of bleeps and bloops or chooses to use an entire orchestra, the sounds and music of games adds to the overall feel and addictiveness of them and is really half the fun.