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  • Are cryptocurrency-based sites like UJO the future of music publishing?


    The idea behind UJO is that it will allow musicians to instantly publish their own work onto the platform without having to go through publishing companies or registering copyrights.

  • Korg to release a “music production” game for the Nintendo Switch in 2018

    Korg Gadget for Nintendo Switch

    Electronic instrument pioneers Korg has announced that it will be making a “music production” game for the Nintendo Switch platform for Spring 2018.

  • How technology has changed the music industry

    Computer motherboard

    The digital revolution has reshaped the world, but few industries have seen the rapid pace of technological change seen in music over the last two decades – and it has been a tough learning curve for the industry.

  • Amazon Music app gets Chromecast support

    Amazon’s popular music app has been around for a number of years and supported connecting to a variety of third-party streaming devices, but ongoing disagreements with Google meant that Chromecasts were not one of them. Until now that is, as Amazon has quietly launched support for Google ubiquitous streaming devices, allowing Android users to finally stream their Amazon Music collection to their Chromecast.

  • Bloggers still hold influence in the music world

    Love music

    Gone are the heady days of 2010 when it looked like bloggers were going to be the ones that will break or make music careers, but the music blogging community still plays a vital role in breaking new bands and influencing what genres are popular in modern culture.