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Tips to improve your home studio

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With any music career, a lot of the music you make in the beginning may well be from the comfort of your own home, that being so as you might not have funds to use a studio. However, you can still create great music from home, so here are some ways to improve your home studio for your music.

Increase the space

With so much music being recorded and software being downloaded in order to help produce the sounds and effects you want, the average computer simply doesn’t have enough capabilities and space to store it all. You may want to think about going bigger and getting something like flexible rackmount servers. The more space you can give yourself the better and that way you won’t need to worry about deleting anything or getting rid of vital data that you might have needed but couldn’t hold onto for lack of space.

Add insulation

As you’re working from home, you won’t have the luxury of a completed insulated space. In a pro studio, once that door to the studio is shut, no other sound from the outside world will get in. However, when you’re working from home, it’s a little bit different. You won’t have insulation unless due to some luck you have it within the walls of your home. Still, in most cases, a lot of home studios will need to soundproof the whole room in order to get the sound quality that is required. Adding insulation and soundproofing can be costly but you don’t need to cover the whole room if it’s not necessary. There might be only a small part that needs insulating and therefore it doesn’t take much to find some temporary walls and to insulate those around a small area that you can use to record all your sound on.

Virtual instruments

Technology has certainly brought a lot to the table and as far as instruments go, we can all be masters of any instrument. A lot of this software that you get nowadays comes with virtual instruments like drums, synths, and even guitar loops that can accompany any vocals you might currently want on the track. This might have some negatives in terms of natural creativity. Nevertheless, it can provide a lot more opportunities for those who may have not been able to have those instruments without having to learn it themselves or hiring a person capable of playing said instrument.

Control surfaces

Although it’s possible to do all of your mixing via the click of a mouse, it’s definitely less cool than having your very own control surfaces. Using the mouse also slows the work process down and can, therefore, disrupt your creative flow. Think about getting a control surface not just because they quicken up the process but because you’ll look cool while mixing!

Your home studio should still give you the opportunity to thrive as a recording artist or musician. Make use of what you have and use these tips to improve your experience in your home studio.

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