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The topic might sound like a weird one – but after talking to a Maltese friend of mine, it’s far from the weirdest topic you can think of. I remember once being in his car and he was talking about Festas (as they call it). In normal English we’d call them Village Feasts. And there’s a lot of them, there’s at least 60 village feasts every year in Malta and that’s the very minimum number. What exactly are they? I’d say they are just huge street celebrations where lots of drinking and singing is involved, but many locals would also add that they are actually religious celebrations that are being organized by local parishes. They almost always also include fireworks, independent of the time of day. Sometimes you can see, sorry, hear, fireworks in the morning or even lunch time. Which is sort of waste of good fireworks, but let’s leave it with that.

What do festas have in common with horses? While sitting in the car, my friend was telling me how the festa in his village is the best of them all. As a side note, people from different villages say the same as well. That the festa in their village is the best. And then he started singing a festa song in Maltese language in the car, and it wasn’t a short one. The song was about the oldest race horse in Malta (he was singing while I was checking NJ horse betting page from my phone, hoping to survive the experience), definitely weird 15-25 minutes long song. Unfortunately I’m not able to find it anywhere in the internet, probably it can be found only in Maltese language. But it did give me a strange idea to seek out more songs about horses. And lo’ and behold, there’s loads of them! Something I didn’t really expect to find.

And there’s a good chance that you’ve heard a number of them before. So here’s a list of some known songs about horses:

1. A Horse With No Name by America
2. Wild Horses by The Rolling Stones or Garth Brooks
3. Who’s Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses by U2
4. Dark Horse by Katy Perry
5. Runaway Horses by Belinda Carlisle
6. Red Headed Stranger by Willie Nelson
7. Beer for My Horses by Toby Keith (with Willie Nelson)
8. Jenny’s Got a Pony by Los Lobos
9. Tennessee Stud by Johnny Cash
10. Fallen Horses by Smash Mouth
11. My Lovely Horse by Father Ted
12. Jokcey Full of Bourbon by Tom Waits
13. Crazy Horses by Osmonds Brothers
14. Live Like Horses by Elton John

Know of any other great horse songs for the horse lovers?

Photograph by Lisa Johnson

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