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How Safe Is Downloaded Software?

Magix Sampletude Silver (SoundCloud Edition)Whether you are looking for a music sequencer to quickly re-arrange your latest recordings, or an image editor to sharpen up your photos, all can be found on the web for free. But how safe is installing this software?

Viruses, trojans, and malware abound on the web, with people tricked into downloading infected files through misleading adverts and bundles for “codecs” or download managers. This is why you should only download software from places that you trust, whether that is music software from our archives here at AudioMelody or the general downloads at places like or Tucows.

Legitimate sites will only offer downloads from their servers once they have been virus-checked, and even when we redirect you to a developer’s site to download, then we have tested the software they are offering. It is always best to be careful, and run up-to-date antivirus software on your computer anyway whether you are running Windows or OSX, but if you download from legitimate sources then you will almost certainly be fine.

Apart from the obvious moral arguments against pirate software, the risks of getting infected with malware after installing such software is obviously much higher. The pirate release groups may not add malware to their files, but that does not stop many illegal websites and file sharing directories from offering infected versions of those files for download. We do not condone piracy, and believe that we offer good free alternatives to such software in our archives, but whatever you do – make sure you understand the risks before installing software form an unknown source.

If you know the software you are looking for, legitimate download archives are useful tools and offer you extra protection, but whether you want to download the quick and easy 888 poker software, an image editor, or VST plugins – the developers’ websites are also trustworthy.

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