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Pet owners advised to play Reggae music to their pets to keep them calm on fireworks night


Despite its historical significance, Bonfire Night has become a family-orientated celebration in the UK, where people get together in front of a roaring flame and talk the night away. Fireworks are popular with people of all ages, but pets do not tend to find the loud and unexpected bangs such an enjoyable experience.

Most animals are not fans of the fireworks show, but with their impressive sense of hearing dogs find the night particularly hard. According to one estimate, around 40 per cent of dogs in the UK are scared of fireworks and this results in a 35 per cent uptick in dogs going missing on the evening of the 5th November.

Now, in a surprising combination online casinos have teamed up with a dog trainer and behaviourist to give top tips on making the night safer and easier for man’s best friend.

1. Tag/Microchip details must be up-to-date

No-one wants their dog to run off scared, but as the saying goes “plan for the worst and hope for the best”, so it is key that dog owners get their pet a microchip fitted and to make sure the information on it is your current phone numbers, address, and email (if available).

2. Play reggae music

The slow and rounded beat of reggae music is believed to help calm dogs’ nerves, and it doesn’t hurt that the music is always a good backing track for a chilled-out party. Dogs also play off the emotions of their owners, so if you’re relaxed by the reggae music too, then they will know that there is nothing to worry about and will start to relax themselves.

3. Exercise your dog

Dogs love exercise and every dog owner should try to walk their pet twice a day, but this is especially important on a day when you want them to feel at their most relaxed. If you tire your dog out on a good long walk around 4pm, he or she could well sleep through most the fireworks and even if they are still awake they will have one less thing making them anxious.

4. Close the curtains and “safe proof” your garden

Curtains will muffle some of the volume form the fireworks and also block out the possibly startling flashes that can make dogs concerned. But more than this, it is important to get your home ready for an anxious animal – make sure there is no way for them to escape and also make sure their favourite spot in the house is easily accessible, whether that is in their basket or under a desk.

5. Be nice and avoid surprises

Talk to your pet in a reassuring and slow manner to help sooth their nerves, and remember to try to avoid any additional sudden motions or loud noises. Even if you win million in the lottery or manage to win the best sports betting USA title, try to stay calm for your dog’s sake. They are already stressed, and don’t need any extra cortisol from your loud celebrations, even if it is something great.

Photograph by Christine Aubé

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