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Music App Store For iOS (iPhone & iPad), Android, And Windows Phone (WP7) Launched

Music Apps

Here at AudioMelody we prided ourselves of being one of the first websites to offer computer musicians free PC software for recording, mixing, and editing their music back in 1999. Whilst we still offer an unrivalled collection of free music software for laptop musicians on Macs and PCs – we have now opened a dedicated section of the site for those most mobile of tools: music apps.

We have started with only listing a few of our favourite music apps for iPhone and iPad – from Apple’s GarageBand to Propellerhead’s Figure, but the collection will be expanding rapidly over the coming weeks. The vast majority of these apps are for iOS at the moment, simply due to their availability and how Apple have successfully dealt with the latency issues so prevalent in Android and Windows Phone at the moment. As Google and Microsoft improve the performance of their mobile operating systems, however, the AudioMelody Music App Store is designed to be platform agnostic. So, whatever the platform, if the app is good for making, recording, or mixing music then it will be included.

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