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Microsoft’s Surface 2 “Blades” Bring Music-focused Hardware to Tablets

Microsoft Surface Blades - Remix Project

The original version of Microsoft’s Surface tablets may not have sold particularly well, but the Redmond-based company is not giving up on its foray into the tablet space with the recent news of the Surface 2 tablet.

The general specs of the tablet have been given a major boost, including a full 25% more battery life and a quad-core Tegra 4 chip running the show. Most interesting for musicians, however, is the announcement of “Blades” which can be used with the device instead of the detachable keyboard cover.

The first Blade demoed by Microsoft at the New York launch event was something dubbed the “Remix Project”, which provides a dedicated piece of controller hardware that lets musicians and producers control their Windows 8 music software with ease.

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