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How to record excellent quality audio direct to your mobile device

Audio cable

Mobile computing has utterly changed the way in which we interact with computers, allowing us to complete tasks, communicate with one another and relax, wherever we are, whenever we’d like. Powerful mobile processors and inventive applications have given us amazing things; the ability to play HD-quality videos on public transport via Netflix’s app, the capacity to enjoy casino games ten thousand miles away from Vegas via Royal Vegas Casino, or even to make sense of the starry sky with Star Tracker.

Up until now though, a huge thing has been missing from mobile devices; the ability for musicians to use them for their productions and recordings. Today artists have to either sit in a recording booth, purchase expensive recording equipment or make do with the rather lacklustre in-built microphones packaged with their phone; a rather baleful situation by all accounts. Having top-quality recording capacities was only ever going to be made available through the creation of peripheral devices though, however with mobile devices firmly in the mainstream, we’re finally seeing some headway from audio manufacturers, developments that could have a revolutionary effect on the way music is made.


The first of these devices is called MixerFace, a piece of kit that was partly funded via a successful IndieGoGo campaign that took place throughout 2014. MixerFace allows its owners to record professional quality audio direct to their smartphone using an innovative, highly mobile device. Connecting via a standard USB phone cable, and activated simply by pressing ‘record’ on the smartphone or tablet attached, the kit combines a long lasting rechargeable battery, two Neutrik combo jacks, a headphone monitor and 24-bit/192kHz converters, providing the sort of sound that one would otherwise have to use a recording studio to attain. Users can then edit the sounds using mobile mixing apps such as GarageBand, Twised Wave and Auria. All of this for $899.99.

iTrack Pocket

Next is the iTrack Pocket, an even more mobile solution to musicians’ recording requirements. Geared more towards recording live shows and singer-songwriter acoustic acts, the iTrack Pocket connects via USB and allows the phone to be slotted above the device, allowing video and audio recording to occur simultaneously. Also packaged with the iTrack is a recording app – Impact – which allows users to instantly apply mastering effects and alter the audio of their recordings, all before easily sharing the video s via social networking sites and Youtube.

For any musician, these sorts of devices are going to hugely improve the way in which music is made, recorded and shared, worldwide, further democratising the music-making industries and likely boosting the creative industries as a result.

Photograph by Andrew malone

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