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How to quickly write the perfect song


It is often said that music is the food of love, and when you write a song no matter what the topic you are pouring a piece of yourself into it whether you realize it or not. You can’t pen the lyrics of a song without pouring your emotions into it.

There are still times when you need to create and the inspiration to do so is just not there. In those times it is always good to have a strategy that you can rely on to effectively write a great song. Here are some steps you can use to write a great song at any time.

Create a title

One of the best places to start is with a title. When you have a title you can focus on creating around one idea.

This type of laser focus makes it easy for you to start creating. Your title should be up to six words. If you just have one word that’s fine especially if it sums up what you want to write your lyrics about.

Create questions about your title

What do you want to say about your title? How does your title make you feel? How do you want it to make others feel?

These are great starter questions but you may find that once you answer these questions many more will start popping into your mind. Write those down and start answering them as well. This will put you on track to creating the right lyrics.

Structure your song

A song must have a great foundation, this way you keep everything organized. The most common way to write a song is verse/ chorus/ verse/ chorus/ bridge/ chorus.

This is a popular way to structure but it doesn’t mean it is written in stone so you are free to experiment. Try to make your chorus answer a specific question and try to pinpoint the mood you want to achieve.

Can you hear the melody?

Even if you are more of a lyricist and need some help with the melody. You should start creating a melody right away. Record it on your phone and play it back on speakers.

Speakers will help you to listen as an audience would, you can use regular speakers and connect your phone to them or use a blue tooth speaker. You can decide which bluetooth speaker is best for you.

The point is that you want to step outside of the writer’s zone and hear what an audience might hear. This makes it easier for you to do a critical assessment of your song.

Ready for airplay

Getting your song ready for your audience is the most important thing. If the song doesn’t move and inspire you it will not move your audience. Think about the feelings and emotions that song is evoking in you.

How do you feel about them? Is the melody right? Does it capture what your lyrics are saying? Once you feel that these questions are answered, it’s time to perform or record the song for a wider audience.

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