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How to be an entrepreneur musician

Whilst it may appear that some musicians have eased their way into the charts, it is often hard work and an entrepreneurial nature of risk taking that has given them the opportunity to find success. Luck and knowing the right people play a part, but no-one has an easy route to the top.

There are three key skills to being a successful entrepreneur, and they all apply to the music business as well as anywhere else:

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Problem solving

You will find various distractions and blocks on your path to the top, and a strong ability to solve problems will help you struggle through. Sometimes you will need training to overcome these obstacles, and other times you will find it better to outsource the problem to someone with dedicated skills – sometimes its worth employing an accountant or handing off your PR to the professionals.

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Willingness to learn

Music is just like any other profession, where you are constantly expected to learn. Your ability to play your instrument(s) is just one part of this – you will also need to quickly learn how to set up your live show, how to tour on the cheap, and how to connect with fans through ever more inventive digital routes. Always be prepared to have to learn something new.


Risk assessment

It is essential that every musician, just like every entrepreneur, knows how to accurately assess risk. A level of risk is tied to almost every decision – whether to take on a new band member, or to play bite the bullet and do a UK-wide tour – you need to be able to work out whether you are prepared to take the jump. Sometimes you will have data available to help, but sometimes you may just need to think of it as gambling, like playing at an online casino in South Africa, and you push for your dreams.

You need these three traits to be an entrepreneur musicians on the modern world, but unfortunately they are not enough. Factors like luck, blessing, fate, karma, cosmic alignment or whatever people around you call it still play a large part – you need to be at the right place at the right time. But you can only make the most of your luck if you are prepared, so they are always goals to work towards.

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