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Have a bit of fun with some online music games

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We’ve ran numerous articles on this site explaining the virtues of learning a musical instrument and where to find the best resources to do so, but it is always important to remember is that music should be fun. Gone are the days of a elderly gentleman teaching you scales in his lavender-scented house as your first forays into making music, now it could be following a learn-as-you-play online tutorial series that lets you jump right into pop-song covers, an app that lets you tinkle on a virtual keyboard when waiting for a bus, or any number of other music games online.

Gamifying is a phrase popularised by the tech sector to describe how apps managed to increase user interaction and retention by giving their users tasks to perform and actions to complete in order to earn badges and stickers – no matter if the app was prima facie a game or a social media app that wanted to get users talking more. And these ideas work just as well with music – by getting people to treat playing music as a game, and offering plentiful rewards, you can get people to learn the basics of a new skill almost by accident.

For those of you that are more interested in learning the ins and outs of the music industry rather than an instrument itself can also have a bit of fun playing games aimed at your passions – with titles like Recordshop Tycoon for those that want to run a record shop, Goodgame Disco for those more interested in running a nightclub, or even Punk-o-matic for imagining what it’s like to thrash out some tunes as a punk rocker.

All this to say that music should be fun – no matter if you want to learn the basics of an instrument of just jokes around an play the persona of a fake record label exec or punk rocker. It is far to easy to forget this when you are putting the hours in learning scales or rudiments or anything so repetitive and dull – music should be a joy and when you;re in a bit of a rut, playing a relevant game can sometimes bump you in the right direction.

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