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How Guns N’ Roses continue to grow their fanbase online

When it comes to being an international band of the 1980s/1990s, it can be difficult to retain your popularity as more and more bands begin to surface. However, Guns N Roses are one of very few bands that have remained popular not only with their original fans, but with a whole new fan base across the world who are looking to catch them on their world tour this year. Here, we’re discussing why Guns N Roses are still just as popular as they once were, and how the band’s popularity appears to be growing online.


One of the biggest reasons the online presence of Guns N Roses is still so big is due to the availability of forums. These forums, such as the My GNR Forum, allow fans of the band to connect from all over the world and discuss things like releases, tours, being able to get tickets and more. Guns N Roses are set to tour this year, and this will be one of the major hypes on the forums for the next few months, and after the tour. Another feature in the forums is likely to be the discussion on ticket touts and the exceptionally high prices that bands’ concert tickets are being sold at by third party sellers. A lot of the discussions will also be on how exactly the band got so fashionable in the first place – with their t-shirt now being displayed as mainstream as Primark and River Island.


Guns N Roses have become so much more than just a band over the years that you can see that with their huge presence that you can see online. The band very quickly became a brand, and you can see that from the different types of sites that are featuring their name. For example, Wink Slots feature a Guns N Roses slot machine as part of their games selection and this is one of the most popular games on the site. The brand has also led to a huge range of t-shirts and other amenities, leaving Guns N Roses to be just as popular for their logo and name as for their music.

Awards & nominations

The sheer amount of number ones, awards and nominations that Guns N Roses have achieved over the years is one of the many reasons why their music will forever remain popular. With Sweet Child O’ Mine and Welcome To The Jungle being two of their biggest hits, the band received awards like Favourite Pop/Rock single, Best New Artist In A Video, Best Heavy Metal Video, and more. In addition to this, in 1993 the band won two World Music Awards for the World’s Best Selling Hard Rock Artist Of The Year and World’s Best Group – two of the biggest awards that you could win at the time.


Being memorable is key when it comes to keeping your popularity for many years like Guns N Roses have, and with the band really have done well with it. To some people, the first thing people will think of before the music when they hear of Guns N Roses is Slash’s iconic look, or Axl Roses’ attitude. Their rock and roll lifestyle may have helped them become noticed by the media, but it was the memorability of not only the power chords chorus and Axl Roses’ prominent and unique vocals, but also their look which have led to the band remaining popular online and offline to this day.

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