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So, you have yourself a new band and are now trying to get yourselves out there and trying to make a name for yourselves. It isn’t easy. The road is fraught with pitfalls and you need to really be ready to persevere throughout all the hard times. Rejection will be dealt by the bucket load, as will scathing reviews and ego deflating call outs. However, among all of this you will succeed. You will adapt and grow. It all depends on your mentality, if you keep strong and keep going who knows what could happen. In the end, you music will speak for itself. It needs to be good of course, across the board. Vocals and instruments need to be of a high quality. Don’t kid yourself. Think about you and your band. Are you really that good? Deep down you’ll know, and you’ll know where you will max out. But, if you think you really have got it all then the sky’s the limit. Go for it. These tips can help you in the early days. You may have tried a few of these tips but read on and let them give you other ideas. Good luck!

Send demos (Streams, MP3s, CDs, and DVDs

You need to get your music out there into the right people. If you are sending out demos then go the extra mile and send out a video. Show the networks and production companies that you are serious by showing them a music video. You can even get the packaging made in a professional way during the DVD duplication process. Get this under the right noses and they don’t only hear you music, they see you too and what you are about. The visual aspect will give you an edge over those who don’t. Consider your recipients before sending the DVD’s out. They can be expensive and you don’t want to send them to the wrong person. Really think it through to ensure you make the right impact.

Build a following

This isn’t as easy as it sound. You may already have a few people who like your music, and that’s great. But you need a bigger one if you want to get noticed or signed by the major record labels. Start local first. Invite people to concerts, get your music on social media for people to listen to you. Create a band page and watch as you start racking up the likes. One of the biggest platforms here is YouTube. People notice the views. If you manage to get the views high then your following will increase dramatically. So many musicians have made it as a result of youtube success. Follow suit. Do your own marketing here too. Tell people to check out your youtube videos, go to forums where people who enjoy listening to the genre you perform in talk and ask them to check you out. You need to stoke the fires and get the word spread. You do this and you are on the right track.

Get on local radio

Send letter and emails to the DJ. Ask and ask again. Send your DVD to them. Do whatever it takes to get onto local radio as a huge amount of people will listen. Avoid it if they don’t play your genre, but if they do then try to get onto it as soon as possible. You’ll reach thousands of people in your local area who can support you. If you do well you may have a shot at some national stations too. You really need to do your all to get on It can be the difference between success and failure.

Play local gigs

This is even better, because it means you get to play a set instead of just the one song. Think about how many people would see you. Tastes vary, so some people may like one song you perform and not the other. Performing a few different ones mitigates this issue. Look at local events. Are there any festivals? Send a letter to the organisers telling them you’ll perform for free. This is how you start out. You need to get yourselves out there as much as possible even at places you don’t want to perform. If there are lots of people at a location then try to exploit it. When you start making a name for yourselfs and building a platform is when the bigwigs start to get interested. A band with a small platform is more attractive than a band with none at all.

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